Understanding Human Trafficking Resources CA

While the slave trade involves adults and children, most often there are fewer adults. As such, most human trafficking resources CA are aimed towards younger individuals. Still, there are local and national organizations which work to counsel adults effected by the sex industry or slave trade in North America.

A number of these individuals are under the age of 18 and are still considered children. For example, there are at least twenty thousand slaves under the age of 18 in the United States. The average of which is approximately thirteen years old.

While the life expectancy of girls in this trade range from 7 to 14 years from the date of abduction, there are a few lucky ones. Whether found after being dumped, or having been able to escape, these individuals often need a great deal of counseling, love and support before being able to return to daily life.

For, those being held captive and forced to work in the area are often exposed to a number of abuses. These can include emotional abuse, child pornography, drugging, exploitation, false imprisonment, torture, starvation, assault and rape among others.

Freeing American Children From Exploitation and Sexual Slavery or FACESS is only one of a number of organizations based in California. For, there are other national and local organizations working to rescue children in California and beyond who have been captured and tortured by these individuals often known as slave masters. Although, the youngest of whom may actually consider these individuals fathers, whether biological or otherwise.

As such, counseling is often a prerequisite for prevention of ongoing mental and physical illness as well as suicide. For, once having lived through such horrific conditions, especially at such a young and tender age, it can often be impossible to forget the horrors that has been placed upon oneself and others.

While some boys have been brought into the system, most often to teach the girls about sex, statistics show that the trade is 80% female, whether applying to adults or girls. As such, it is often female children whom are abducted or sold into the system. Whereas, at times the slave masters will bring in sons to work in the industry whether with or without consent of the male child.

In other cases, a child is abducted at an early age, often between the ages of one and three. After which, the slaveholder is the only one the child really knows and trust to provide care. For, the slaveholder will often provide a false sense of love though expensive gifts and by taking the children to expensive places in order to keep each as submissive as possible. Thus, the child has known no other real love in the world. As such, escape is a concept many may not understand, or even consider even when knowing they have been taken from a previous home.