Shiatsu Massage Chairs Deliver Invigorating Marblehead Sports Therapy Massages

When the word massage comes to mind, you envision an evening at the spa, feeling the heat of the sauna after being treated to pampered mud baths that gets your skin rejuvenated with fresh wraps and peels. However, there is a different aspect of massage called sports therapy. Massaging comes almost naturally if you want to warm up your muscles before any sort of physical activity. Massage chairs are being built that can perform many sports related massages. Shiatsu massage chair manufacturers are assembling an arsenal of Marblehead sports therapy massage into their chairs.

The therapeutic and restorative practice is long-recognized as essential for any athlete who wants to push far, grow strong… And win big. Sports massage therapists do indeed work with some big winners. From World Cup players, professional major leaguers, and Olympian medalists to local heroes who play on neighborhood teams.

Doctors have learned that a athletics therapy massage for athletes before, during and after a game or match can limit injury and contribute to faster recovery when injuries do occur. This is because athletics therapy massages loosen muscles increasing their flexibility while increasing circulation allowing them to metabolize fuel to enhance performance. This cuts down on athletics-related injuries such as a pulled muscle, sprains and fractures. Other benefits for athletes are improved range of motion, increased bodily fluid flow, scar tissue break-down and endorphin releases.

Athletics therapy massage for athletes is like nourishment for muscles. It increases circulation, cuts down on pain, and allows for quicker rehabilitation after an injury. Many of the high-end massage chairs from Panasonic, Omega, and Sanyo, are incorporating more features aimed at helping athletes. These shiatsu massage chairs have many massage therapies ranging from Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupressure and Deep Tissue massage.

An Olympian Endorsement- Sian Brice, former Olympian triathlete, and European Champion considers athletics massage an integral part of her training routine. She says her routine massage rehabilitation is “as crucial as any the other aspects of my sports lifestyle – i. E., it is up at the top alongside technical, mental preparation, general fitness sessions, and training sessions.”

When preparing for a big event, her weekly one-hour athletics massage alleviates the soreness and strain of a grueling daily fitness routine and prevents stiffness that would slow her down during work-outs. When she was an active competitor, Sian considered her athletics MT, Chris salvary, an essential member of her fitness team. He helped identify and resolve sources of pain and injury and advised Sian about when to seek help from another clinician – like her team doctor or physiotherapist.

Robotic massage chairs use these techniques plus air compression to gently squeeze, hold and release many areas of your body. These shiatsu chairs are built with air compression systems and airbags that can stimulate the muscles in the lower body. The Panasonic EP-3222 massage recliner has 33 airbags positioned in the seat and footrest to perform lower body massages.

Many massage chair recliners provide a very thorough massage therapy which helps one to relax, reduce tension and warm up the body before a sports activity. Although shiatsu massage chairs are not cheap. Think of the alternative, injury. If you could avoid an injury, how much is that worth? The cost-benefit of having a massage chair is helping to reduce your risk of injury and enhancing your performance.