Political System And Its Influence In Selection Procedure

In some countries business class will get the power and in some areas, women organizations exerts the pressure. Only those who gets their support can win the election. So the primary aim of the panel of contestants will be to get the votes of these groups or if its not going to get it, they will try to split the group into many so that all the votes is not going to a single panel. This is what happened in the recently concluded NJ assembly election where views liberal youths got the upper hands and the panel which supported them won the selection.

Though development, policies, and others dominate the process, there are some non factors which also dominates the selection process. There will be many pressure groups working who has got the capacity to alter the mandate.

The demands and expectations of public vary from people to people. Their demand and expectations are varied and different. They all vote together and select a common candidate and expect their dreams and desires needs to be fulfilled. It is in other terms can be viewed as self actualizing acts wherein the citizens elect the representatives so as to establish their way of thoughts.

Also, this selection process has got prominence due to the increased liking of the countries to go democratic. Many countries which were under the dictator form of governance later embraced democracy and started selecting the rulers by popular mandate. It also gave stability to the economy and the market.

But some countries try to give more democratic rights to small levels of selection like local body or primary level of elections wherein general public can contest and get selected. The same scenario is also continued in some countries where the government is controlled by some hereditary family and the top post will be held by the head of the family and his role will continue until his death or he is handed over to someone else in his own family.

Banks, corporations, local self bodies conduct frequent selections. In the case of local bodies elections wherein the voters, the number is high and he area of representation is very high the election may hold with the interval of four to five years.

The population of the area is a very important factor in deciding the selection outcome. If the population is very high, it will be difficult for a panel to concentrate all the votes and get their panel to win. If the province is a small one or the population is less, its easy to get into their them and make their panel win.

Since it is a constitutional body, it cannot be influenced by the local parties. Almost all the democratic countries are having a strong branch of election commission representatives who overview the selection process. If the country is having internal turbulence and there is a widespread criticism over the free and fair election process in the state, international communities step into the system and assist the public to get the voting done free and fair.

The evolution of this system has a long history to tell. It has got thousands of years of story to tell. But the process has got many changes and evolution for a long period of history. In the primitive ages, only selected people can cast their votes. This has been identified unfair at times as one could witness mistakes.