Memoirs Ghostwriting, Authors And Avoiding Scams

As most writers know, it can often be difficult to make money in the business. While this is the case, memoirs ghostwriting is one area in which if an individual can break into the business, one can often make a living. In most cases, the individuals whom make the most work for a number of different ghostwriting companies.

While individuals can often work as freelance or independent ghostwriters, most do not make as much as those working for companies. For, companies often charge thousands upon thousands of dollars for ghostwriting an individual’s memoirs. Whereas, in cases of famous individuals, the rate is often higher. As such, when desiring to make a living, it is often best to work as part of a service rather than as a freelancer.

In some cases, services charge as much as $15 to $20,000 dollars to complete a book of memoirs. Whereas, there are individuals whom work with ghostwriters whom charge an hourly rate, while there are others whom charge by page. Whether agreeing to work on a package, hourly or other basis, it is also important to have this information in writing, preferably in the form of a contract.

When working as a ghostwriter, it is always advised to request payment by way of sources other than company or personal checks. In many cases, individuals can send money to an online account or wire money directly into a checking account. As such, the ghostwriter can assure receiving payments which will not bounce or have a stop-payment placed on a check.

As the fees for this service are quite hefty, it is always suggested that before hiring a company or individual to provide this service, individuals run a background check. In addition, it should be noted that when working with a ghostwriter, it is always appropriate to place an initial deposit, then work out a payment schedule in writing. For, there are a number of scammers working in this area as in others.

When desiring to hire a ghostwriter of this nature, it is important to do so at the beginning of the project. For, while there are some whom can take completed memoirs and restructure the information into a book, not all have the ability to do so. As such, to get the best outcome possible, it is often best if the individual and ghostwriter can work together on an ongoing basis.

When working together, ghostwriter and author can often get a better for feel for how the memoirs need be written. Whereas, if an entire project is complete before providing it to an individual or service, it can often be a more difficult process. As such, to assure a better outcome, it is often best that author and ghostwriter or service work together in unison throughout the term of the project.

Authors and individuals requesting this service need remember that a ghostwriter is just that, a writer whom is ghosting the author’s written words. As such, it is important to be open and flexible to the changes which one makes as part of the process. At the same time, there will always be areas where an author or individual requires revision. As such, ghostwriters must also be flexible with regards to requested changes and revisions throughout the process.