Long Island Advertising Agencies: Instagram’s Most Popular Celebrities

If there’s one thing that Long Island advertising agencies can say about social media, it’s that it’s massive. As a matter of fact, it’s so big that even the celebrities we watch and listen to use it. While some use it for general purposes, others have made it part of their marketing strategies as well. Instagram is no exception and if you’re a fan of this social platform in particular, here are the largest names that it can boast.

Ariana Grande – If you’d like an understanding of how popular Ariana Grande is on Instagram, start with the fact that she has more than 116 million followers. This should come as no surprise given her popularity as a musician. Furthermore, those that followed her early on might have only been familiar with her TV work, “Victorious” in particular. This is just one of the many names that Long Island advertising agencies can recognize.

Cristiano Ronaldo – If you follow football, particularly when played overseas, you might be familiar with Cristiano Ronaldo and his achievements. What you may not know is that he’s a big Instagram name in his own right. For proof of this, all you have to do is look at his follower count on the social media platform. He has more than 116 users following him on Instagram, which makes him another popular name to make note of.

Selena Gomez – With more than 131 million Instagram followers to her name, Selena Gomez is arguably the biggest celebrity on the site. Not only do people know her from her music and TV work, not unlike Grande, but her fan base is one of the most committed as well. The fact that her posts gain consistent engagement is a testament to this. As far as celebrities on Instagram are concerned, Gomez rules the roost.

What’s perhaps most interesting is that Gomez, even with her over 130 million followers, isn’t even the biggest name on the platform. Instagram itself holds that distinction, as it boasts over 228 million followers, which may come as no surprise to longtime users of the platform. In any event, it’s easy to see that Instagram has the attention of celebrities and the fan bases they’ve built. Ergo, it would be in their best interest to use Instagram to bolster their brands.