How Can Timber Harvesting Benefit The People And The Wildlife

How has human society benefited from harvesting Timber? To answer that we must define what is timber, timber is the material that is made of wood and can be used for building houses and other infrastructure in today society. Knowing so might have already answered your question as to how society benefited from it. Timber harvesting PA, and in other states, might be seen as a treat to the environment by some people.

However, how could one live without these resources that can only be found in trees that grows in the forest. What it you discover that these days the truth is most business men who earn money by timber harvesting believe that there is more profit in keeping the forest alive.

Having some of the older trees cut down provides that chance for little trees and sapling to grow and flourish and therefore becoming the habitats of some local wildlife. And this has been proven in a study that has been conducted to ensure the existence of these animals.

That is the reason why, a lot of people are against it, but what if along with the harvested trees, people would also replace and preserve the forest, which is not a hard thing to do especially when in comparison to dealing with global warming or scarcity of building materials.

Everyone knows the fact that for every group of animals is a different preference in what kind of habitat they feel most safe and comfortable in, just like every human being who has preference. So now what happens if all the trees have the same length and width, do you think it will promote diversity of wildlife.

To answer that usual doubt that comes in to mind. First of all if they do cut all the trees, that would also cut the flow of their profit. And it is a common fact that when a person sees a good thing going on that could greatly benefit them then he or she will not do anything that could end that good thing.

Also according to research, cutting done old trees actually allows wildlife diversity, which is a good outcome. But how can that be possible when wildlife thrive because of these trees how can cutting them down lead to wildlife diversity, when one is actually destroying their home for that matter.

Everyone has to recognize the fact that the home would not be comfortable, and would not be complete without the timber that they harvest annually. If suddenly these businessmen stop harvesting tinder and let us say the worldwide everyone stop cutting down trees, what happens to humanity then would it not cause scarcity in building resources.

A house where they could build a family of their own, and everyone has to admit the fact that without these resources that the forest provides, then no one would be living so comfortable these days. There is nothing wrong with harvest materials as long as one remains grateful and preserve the forest for future generations to benefit from it.