Homemade Remedies For Termite Control Westchester

Of all the known pest that have been known to man, termites remain to be the most destructive known to man. The fact that they leave in groups known as colonies and that they share a common source of food means that their destruction is very hard to manage. There are a couple of homemade remedies for termite control Westchester that one can use to deal with this problem.

One has to first understand the basics regarding this procedure. There are many types of termites but the dangerous enemy to our homes are the dry wood type. In their colonies, their sole source of food is glucose and cellulose sap mainly found in timber. It is for this reason that wooden parts of the house and the furniture are the most affected by these parasites.

People have been wasting a lot of time and spending a lot by using chemicals due to their ignorance regarding these simple methods. Of the many homemade techniques the sun is the most environmental friendly. It just calls for one to take the infested furniture to the sun. The exposure of these insects to the sunlight kills them due to ultra violet rays.

Another trick is by the use of cardboards. Termites like cardboard because they contain high contents of cellulose which is their source of food. It is advisable that one wets the board and places it close to the infested area and this lures them to it. They will all run for it and once a good number has attacked the board, burn it. Several cycles can yield some good results.

The use of orange oil is another method that experts have been advising people to use. One just simply takes a cotton swab and apply it with the oil. The oil is then applied on the areas that infested with the pastes. The di-lemon compound found in the oil is suitable for killing the termites upon contact. It however works best in limited infested areas.

If one is not in a position to acquire or use orange oil, neem oil is there for them. This has been found to have the best results similar to that of orange oil. There is no difference between these two oils in the usage and even the mode of their working. One should however be ready for reapplications and making thorough observations since it works at a slower rate.

These methods are very simple to undertake at home with no technicalities associated with it. More so, the solutions that are used, that is the neem oil and orange oil are not toxic making it environmental friendly. There is not much cost that one will undergo making it not limited to any person.

Termite infestation is not seasonal and this means that one can be attacked at any moment and if one is not ready with a plan they will end up suffering. If the problem persists one should seek help from the professionals. The best result are however experienced if the problem is identified early.