Get Chiropractic Care For A Healthy, Happy Pregnancy With A Gresham OR Chiropractor

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for people of all ages and stages of life and can be especially beneficial for pregnant women.

Pregnancy can place quite a bit of stress on a woman’s body. In the course of nine months, the spine must constantly adjust to the weight of the growing baby. As the center of gravity shifts forward, pulling the spine out of alignment, a woman is likely to experience symptoms that diminish her quality of life. Over 50 percent of pregnant women report that they suffer from lower back pain. Many patients also complain of nausea, insomnia, and headaches or migraines.

Misalignment of the spine can make going into labor very painful. Pelvic misalignment can additionally reduce the amount of space that is available in the uterus for the growing baby. As a result, the fetus might have a hard time getting into the proper position for delivery.

A chiropractor can return the spine to its proper alignment and arc, reducing back, neck, and joint pain. Adjustments restore pelvic balance, reducing stress on joints and supporting ligaments and minimizing the likelihood of a Caesarean delivery. When providing care to expecting mothers, a chiropractor uses gentle techniques that do not place too much pressure on the abdomen.

Research documents that chiropractic care can allow for easier, safer labors and deliveries. One study conducted by the American Medical Association Board of Trustees revealed that women who visited a chiropractor during their third trimester had smoother labors and deliveries than those who did not. In another study, those who received chiropractic care were less reliant on painkillers during childbirth.

Chiropractic care provides additional benefits, such as boosting the immune system. When the body is properly balanced, the nervous system can function at its best, ensuring that all the body’s processes are being carried out as they should. Chiropractors encourage patients to take an active role in optimizing their health. Toward that end, they may provide nutritional counseling and recommend exercises or stretches that patients can do at home between appointments to reap maximum benefits from adjustments and related therapies. Seeking a natural, drug-free approach to wellness, increasing numbers of mothers-to-be are opting to receive chiropractic care for healthier pregnancies.