Following The 23rd Congressional District Texas Elections

If anyone is confused about who will be voting and who won’t be voting in the upcoming election, people should know that all of the districts are having an election. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of. The 23rd congressional district texas elections will surely be one of the races that people will be talking about.

As with any election, there are a few important dates to remember in order to avoid missing out on participating simply because you didn’t get your ballot in the box in time. The deadline for all of the candidates to file for the position was on December 11th, 2017 for this election. From there, the primary election was held on March 6th, 2018, and the general election will be on November 6th, 2018.

When a person is an incumbent, it means that they are currently the person who is holding this office. The incumbent representative in this area is Will Hurd, who has been in that seat since 2014. As a Republican, he certainly has a way of making decisions and handling difficult situations that are rooted in his political philosophies.

In some districts, it is quite clear from the start who is going to win and which political point of view reigns supreme. In others, it is much harder to predict and therefore much more exciting for anyone watching from the outside. In these swing districts, it might come down to only a few votes to make a big decision on how an area will be run.

In 2016, this is one of the few districts in this state that even came close to electing a Democratic representative. Will Hurd was only able to beat his challenger, a Democrat by the name of Pete Gallego, by barely over a single percentage point. The closeness of the race just goes to show how divided the opinions are in this area, but unlike with horseshoes and hand grenades, close does not always make a difference if it’s just not enough.

It is often hard to look at all the districts and stay on top of who is running and who is the incumbent. This can be even harder when the same people keep fighting for the same chair. This has been the case with Pete Gallego and Will Hurd in this area since 2014.

One of the big reasons why so many people are interested in this race in particular is because it is essentially the only of the many Texan districts that is truly a swing district. It is clear to many people that this is mostly a Republican state, so it can be quite surprising to find an area so divided in opinion around those parts. For this reason, this race has received extra interest and media attention.

People don’t always have easy access to voting methods, even though they should. Sometimes it’s just because a ballot got lost in the mail, or you live a long distance from the nearest registered voting facility. The best thing to do in these types of situations is to call a local government official to find out the easiest way you can get your vote in and have your voice heard.