Apochromatic Telescope And Why To Buy It

The difference between achromat and apochromat lens is basically in different chromatic aberration. If you are interested in astronomy, the mentioned chromatic aberration is the cause of the unappealing purple halo appearing around observed bright objects. So, while achromat lenses bring just two colors into focus, apochromats bring three, usually red, green, and blue.

Using these better lenses, or ED, extra-low dispersion lenses, significantly reduces this purple halo, or glare effect, allowing you far better observing experience. You will get really far better performances with one good quality apochromatic telescope, compared to achromatic one, with sharper images, and this is especially important when observing or taking photos of bright starts and planets.

Visiting some astronomy club in your neighborhood might be a good idea for anyone who doesn’t have much experience with this. Taking a good look first might make you realize what you will actually get with different types of telescopes. Although good quality equipment definitely costs more, it’s something you should invest in, because it gives you far better observing experience.

You will probably see various types of low-quality telescopes, even some that can be bought in a supermarket. You don’t want to waste money on these toys. Find something that will satisfy your needs and meet your expectations. You probably know someone interested in astronomy, and it might be a good idea to ask this person for an advice. When you try a few telescopes first, it will be easier to decide.

APO 4 “(102mm) refractors are very popular despite the price, because this diameter already allows you to observe darker objects and to have a more detailed look at the planets, and are still portable enough. Image quality is unbeatable. APO refractors are the best quality astrographs, but they cost considerably more than “ordinary” visual APO refractors. In any case, APO 4 ” or larger is a good choice.

If you are serious about your interest in astronomy, buy yourself something you will be able to use. Sometimes it is possible to buy something worthy at an affordable price but, generally, you will probably get as much as you are ready to pay for. On the other hand, even if you are willing to spend more on some larger pieces, make sure you will be able to transport and assemble this equipment easily. It’s another factor you should keep in mind.

It was mentioned before that achromatic models have problems with halo, or glare effect. This is reduced on larger f-numbers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, the f-number is lens diameter divided by focal length. Since this type is more affordable, it can be used as the first choice for your children, for example, when they show the interest in astronomy.

There are so many factors that might affect your decision, and the price is one of the most important ones. On the other hand. You cannot expect the highest quality if you don’t invest in it. As it was said before, find a nice astronomy club or someone with the same interest first, have a good look at the starts and make your choice.